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This is the last time I leave the log with the drow, it seems like nothing has been written in here for weeks. Though I also may not keep it, it seems in my old entries I wrote as though the distance between Brinst’s Rest and Dunregan was but a day’s journey, which is a bit off. As such I have no idea how long we have been on this journey, all I can say is that it is now the third day the moon has risen in Fathen, though even that I am unsure of in these tunnels. Below is a short retelling of events since the last entry.

23rd of Thinel:
- We decide to set out on our war against the unnatural, Drow allined, vampiric, red-fringed lizardfolk.
- We meet some drow on the road, kill one and release one as our custom, but the wizard gets away.
- Fearing the wizard will bring Drow reinforcements, we rush to the lizardfolk village. With sundown approaching we attack the great house where the vampires sleep. Theo melts the roof with his new artifact, and with fire and lightning and cold steel we crush the unnatural monsters. I enter the town center to remind the lizardfolk not to ally with drow in the future.
- We return to Lelalune and tell Felix of our accomplishments, we wait a few days while Theo builds a wall around the town.
- We open two more chests we acquired from the unnatural beasts, finding a lot of gold and an infinite font of water, which Theo also kept. it seems he desires to control the elements as well as a druid, as if that were possible.
- We journey back to Brinst’s Rest to have a meeting now that we’ve done Argor’s bidding.

9th of Shenswa:
- After breakfast, Felix informs us that Argor has betrayed us to the Drow, apparently Ardulice’s mom would very much like us to stop killing her soldiers.
- A fight breaks out in the cafe. Zurgo runs off to fight some human, ends up coughing and sneezing and taking quite a while to deal with him… very odd for Zurgo. Ardulice and Felix fights Argor’s body guard, doing quite well, until both fall. Theo is paralyzed, but survives being stabbed long enough for me to free him, who knew humans were made of such stern stuff. I stood in the back and healed everyone, just in time for the drow cleric to disapear somewhere. Felix and Zurgo killed a couple drow Theo had captured.
- On Felix’s urging, we flee to Dunregan. We allow Felix to join us, seeing as he risked his life to save ours.

14th of Shenswa:
- Dunregan seems to have come into alliance with the Korynth Empire, apparently against the Duergar, former allies of the fire eyed cult. This new threat must be dealt with.
- Also importantly I get my commissioned new armor, which fits wonderfully, and a seed coated in the solidified saliva of a fey dragon, which I will plant in the center of the circle, should I ever find my fellow druids.
- We learn from the local Korynth commander that the Kua-Toa have been driven back by their forces, so Blip-De-Lip-Lip may no longer be as much of a threat, if it was a threat to begin with.
- Ardu drinks with some Korynth soldiers, I worry she is taking our commission from the Empire to close to heart. Drow hearts turn faster than the wings of hummingbird.
- We hurry on to Daine’s Fall to finally finish our mission from the Hobgoblin commander there.
- My father’s amulet is burning in my sleep, preventing me from fully resting. It hasn’t done that before, hopefully Sehanine is not angered by my actions; I will have to perform an herb ceremony at the next alter I find.
- On the road we are attacked by Dao, apparently here to collect Ardulice. We defeat them, though it seems Ardu’s mom is another issue that must be addressed immediately.

2nd of Fathen:
- We arrive in Daine’s Fall late at night, so we rest in an inn, I fear I am growing to look forward to a warm bed after weeks on the road, my brothers would be very disappointed.
- In the morning we talk to the Hobgoblin commander, informing him that the envoy never made it to Brent’s Rest, and that it was probably due to Drow meddling, which may or may not be true. He regrets that the empire cannot fight the Drow as the threat of the Duergar is too high. It seems to me that the obvious solution is to convince the Drow and Duergar to fight, and if we can get the Korynth empire involved and destroy all three? That would be a wish beyond the height of the great Kinra Tree
- We learn that Mazzini is leading the returners in the regional captial, and the captain urges us not to go to the capital, as the situation is quite volatile. He provides us with a caster who allows us to fly towards the Duergar cliff at an amazing speed, I can’t wait to get wings of my own.
- We descend the steep cliff on mountain goats, lead by the keen eye of Zurgo, and reach a ledge with Duergar.
- I talk to one, it seems they have broken their agreement with fire-eyes, killing most of them. I bribe one into allowing me to meet one they have in captivity, keeping my unmitigated joy hidden.
- This fire-eye master tells me he was the one ruining my sleep, to warn me that the Duergar are searching for my half of the amulet. They have their half at the heart of the forge, then he asks me to kill him, which I happily do, glad int he knowledge vengeance is served.
- We decide to kill two birds, and several Duergar, with one stone, and attack the forge pretending to be a Drow raiding party.
- Theo invisibly uses his water cannon to try and cool the forge enough to be moved, Zurgo with his speed and fire resistant armor tries to move the cooling ball of lava, but is thrown back by the steam, he kills a few Duergar while waiting for it to cool. I act in my emmy winning role as a force of giant spiders, the Drow’s preferred animals. Ardulice gets really into her character, surprisingly gleefully killing Duergar and shouting some nonsense in Undercommon. Felix, for his part, kills a couple Duergar with his Drow poisoned arrows.
- Eventually, through much steam burnt flesh, and Theo turning into a terrifying great ape, the amulet is removed from the forge. (Theo isn’t a better druid than me right? I can’t turn into a giant ape, but I can summon fey and control weather better than him, right? oh, uh, never mind, I’m sure i’ll learn how to be a giant ape soon)
- We escape the Duergar city, killing a few more guards, leaving behind evidence of Drow, and collecting Duergar weapons for the inverse operation that we shall embark on next, which, since none of us are even dwarfs, and every enemy may recognize Ardulice on sight, I’m sure will work just fine!


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