Day 12

Day 12:
- The party wakes on the ledge in a yuan-ti courtyard and decide to explore the ziggurat they discovered the previous night.
- Searching the outside, Ardulice discovers a distinctive stone block, set as a door in the ziggurat.
- Unable to open the door, Nullai, as a badger, digs under the stone, finding a brick wall, that seems like it can be pried open, Ardulice crawls in the whole and break the wall enough to crawl through.
- The party enter a circular room covered in moss and an odd floating dust.
- Ardulice tells the rest of the party that the moss is yellow and brown fungus, and while fire destroys one it strengthens the other.
- Moving carefully, the party find a cistern in the center of the room. Theodocicles recognizes a transportation circle at the bottom covered in water.
- As Theo investigates, Nullai tries to carefully burn some of the yellow moss, avoiding the brown. As he does so the dust erupts in flames. The brown mold grows thick over the floor.
- Very injured, the party flee up onto the stairs to main level, where Zurgo sees someone hiding behind a pillar.
- Zurgo charges the hiding creature, and is shot by many poison arrows.
- The party fight 8 human-like Yuan-ti, two of which try to free a monstrous writhing multi-headed snake, and are eaten by it.
- Nullai comes close to being eaten by the creature, but just in time, a fireball from Theo, and Zurgo and Ardu jumping into melee range defeated the monstrosity.
- The party, nearly spent from so much fighting, rest in the ziggurat.


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