Day 12-13

Day 12 cont.
- The party tries to find a way out of the ziggurat, they poke and push on the stone with runes on it, but it doesn’t budge.
- Ardulice suggests putting blood on the runes; though Nullai scoffs at the idea, when Theodocicles tries it the door opens and the group leaves.
- Seeing no other entrances, the group heads back to the initial courtyard and south through a tunnel in the wall.
- The group finds a large opening in the cave leading to a larger pool. Zurgo sees something moving among the stalagmites, when Ardu moves dancing lights into the area a young black dragon spreads it’s wings.
- The party starts wailing on the dragon and it runs into the water. Nullai follows it into the water and brings up the dragons corpse.
- The party is now very exhausted, but after waiting a while Zurgo and Nullai(as a giant octopus) explore the area and find a magic sword and nice armor among the dragons victims. They also find a large treasure hoard.
- With their loot, they decide to go back to the ledge and sleep.

Day 13:
- The party wakes and ventures back through, passing by the large quarry cave this time.
- The tunnel ends at a large courtyard with two ziggurats, one has an alter at the top, the other has a large tree growing out of it.
- Zurgo and Nullai examine the alter, and find it has recent blood in it.
- Ardu and Theo examine the tree, and find it’s magical, but Theo doesn’t know much about magical trees.
- Ardu asks Nullai to look at the tree as well, but he is not helpful.
- Nullai and Zurgo begin climbing down the tree to examine the roots. The tree begins violently shacking and Nullai is thrown off.
- Nullai apologizes to the tree in sylvan as Zurgo jumps off. Nullai convinces the treant to move, which starts collapsing the ziggurat; a piece of which falls on Nullai.
- Everyone gets away from the collapsing Zigurat, the treant begins moving to the other ziggurat to destroy it.
- It starts collapsing, and 8 Yuanti appear out of the rubble, including two large abominations.
- Many attack the treant, but Zurgo and Ardu wade into the fray, Theo and Nullai drop spells on the enemy. Zurgo is frightened andruns away… again.
- The group, with a lot of help from the treant, defeat the Yuan-ti.
- Believing the have exterminated the Yuan-ti, the group decide to go back to dainsfall and collect their reward.


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