Day 13-14

Day 13 cont.
- The party leaves the ruins to the sound of the treant redecorating, everyone riding elk through the swamp.
- The party break for lunch on the outskirts of the swamp, A wild wyvern appears!
- Despite giving Zurgo a good knock, the group quickly dispatches the old dragon-kin.
- Nullai, having done the least damage, takes the only prize from the fight, skinning the beast to hopefully make it into armor.
- The group continues, reaching Dainesfall a few hours after nightfall.
- The party notices a large number of refugees in the city. Ardulice starts handing out silver, which earns her a crowd. She then casts darkness and rides away.
- Zurgo goes to the barracks to collect the bounty for the Yuan-ti body parts. They give him a check for the amount promised.
- The group sleeps at the Two Serpents inn.

Day 14:
- The group has a wonderful breakfast in a private room at the inn and decide they are mostly interested in money and fighting the empire. They decide to try to work for the Korynth Empire to get money from them, and to find their army so they can help fight it.
- Theodocicles reads books all day.
- Ardulice goes to try to find Warder Lo to see if he has heard of Valanthe Caladil, and to get more information on the empire.
- She finds the little girl she gave money to before and ask her where Mr. Lo is. The girl, grudgingly obliges, leading Ardu to a cellar door behind a house.
- Someone from inside asks for a password, Ardu can’t produce one. A man sneaks up behind her, hitting her with a club and something sharp (and poisonous). Ardu shrugs it off, and turns to face her attacker.
- Due to the bright city sun, she can only flail her sword in his direction.
- The cellar door opens, Warder Lo and another armed man come out; Warder recognizes Ardu and invites her inside.
- Warder tells Ardu that he doesn’t know anything about Valathe, and that the empire is keeping close watch on their mercenaries. He also tells Ardu that he is part of the Returners, gives Ardu a pass phrase, and says if she can gather information on the Korynth troop movements that would be helpful.
- Ardu returns to the Two Snakes for lunch, and asks Brisha about the refugees. She says the refugees are from the east, where Korynth rule is worse and there is talk of humanoid fire demons harassing the populace.
- Nullai and Zurgo sell the groups gold and jewels in the market, and venture to a local armorsmith, who appears very busy. They show him the mithril armor, and he is very interested, but can’t give them a price until the next day after he’s talked to the commander who ordered all the armor his men are working on.
- The pair also talk to the sergeant (Trent on the day, but Strateli according to an old adventure log ) and ask about new work, he says he will get back to them tomorrow, but would also like some more information from them.
- Zurgo and Nullai also go to the local money changer, exchanging their check for 5 platinum bars and another, lesser check.
- Nullai brews a potion.


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