Day 14-16

Day 14 cont.
- Ardulice asks Brisha if she has heard of Kyle or Mazzini; he hasn’t. Ardulice considers going and looking for them, but decides against it.
- The group sleeps in the Two Serpents

Day 15:
- The party wakes to a very nice breakfast in the Two Serpents.
- They stroll to the barracks to sign up on another mission from Strateli.
- The group meets Estos, a human, who takes down their information and draws their picture. Satisfied, Strateli tells them the diplomatic envoy to Brinst’s Rest has not been heard from, so he wants the group to investigate.
- The group collects their first week stipend at the barrack treasury.
- They set off for the direct root to Dunregan, as they pass the gate, Nullai asks a gaurd if this which way the army is. Upon being told the army is on the road to Dunregan Ardulice runs off to “tell” a member of the Returners in the city.
- The group continues along the road and passes the army encampment without issue.
- Though they do see a halfling scout along a small road above the path, who runs off west.
- Zurgo expertly climbs the cliff and lifts the rest of the party onto the small path, the group continues along the smaller path, finding it intersects the road between Killibyr and Dunregan. They decide to continue to Dunregan.
- Luckily the guards recognize them, and allow them to enter the city.
- Nullai finds an armorsmith willing to make him dragon skin breastplate in exchange for the mithril armor. He leaves a platinum bar as collateral. The dwarf says the armor will be completed in 2 days.
- Ardu buys a lapis lazuli nucklace.
- The group stays at an inn near the south gate. Most go to bed, but Ardu stays up and and talks with a human, Steven, he is on a trade mission from Brinst’s Rest, and says their will be lots of work if the party venture there. He also mentions he has seen a drow before in Le La Lune, where it had been captured.
- The party sleep in the inn.

Day 16:
- They party eat grits and bacon for breakfast. They get horses and head toward Brinst’s Rest.
- They reach the city in under a day, and give the horses back to Bernard.
- The notice a hooded figure watching them from a alley. Zurgo chases after him, Nullai turns into a cat and follows him across roofs. Zergo also ventures onto the roofs, but gets his foot stuck in thatch then slips on a tiled roof, falls, cracking the roof and falling off.
- Ardulice is tracking the roof chase via the road, and when the hooded man jumps off the roof, she charges him trapping him in an alley.
- Theodocicles stays hidden behind a corner, but listens to the conversation. Zurgo blows by him and corners the hooded man.
- Ardu talks to him for a while, learning his name is Felix, but he pulls a powder out of his sack blinding her and annoying Zurgo.
- Felix runs past Ardulice, but Corrine stamps on him as he passes.
- Nullai continues to follow as a cat
- Zurgo chases him down, cuts him down, and hits him very hard. Ardulice cures her blindness and cuts off the other exit.
- Theo catches up and casts hold person. This finally gives Ardu a chance to tie him up. They proceed to learn he works Argor, the leader of the merchant guild, as a spy and assassin, and that Argor is holding one of the envoy from Koryynth hostage. He also agrees to set up a meeting with Argor.
- Ardu lets him go, but Nullai follows him in cat form back to a shack, where Nullai hears a door open.
- The party reconvenes at the Pride of Chrace inn, getting a single room so they can more easily keep watch.


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