Day 17

Day 17:

-The party awakens to the absence of loud horns. Yoga happens.
- Breakfast is consumed. Ardulice confronts someone at breakfast who says he is watching the party.
-The party meets Argor Dellis, leader of the Merchant’s Guild. He informs them that multiple groups are keeping them udner watch, but that it’s just city politics for the most part.
- Party is dispatched to the northeast to meet with Felix and deal with lizardfolk.
-The party splits up for supplies; Ardulice overhears people up to no good in the neighborhood. She decides to stealthily knock on their door.
- Another chase through the city occurs; Ardu ends up in a pickle when she is zapped with lightning and accosted by a male drow. She ends up subdued. Her feyelk escapes.
- The sound and thunder draw the attention of the rest of the party, who take off in hot pursuit.
- Aided by her mount, the party discover a Leomund’s Tiny Hut, that they eventually dispel to find…nothing, because they didn’t spot the Rope Trick. Oops.
- Theo gets shivved out of nowhere, Zurgo gets dominated, and the ambush almost goes off without a hitch.
- Then it doesn’t. A hasted Zurgo chases away one while the party subdues the rest and learns…
- The drow were simply fleeing with their prisoner, a priestess of Lolth who would murder them if she was allowed to regain consciousness. Oh, and she’s related to Ardu, of course.
- The drow magic user, Marith, wisely offered up his spellbook in exchange for his life and freedom.


JDP FrancisO

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