Nullai, Acolyte of Chrace

Wood Elf Druid - Nate PC


Druid 1 NG
Str:8 Dex:16 Con:14 Int:12 Wis:16 Cha:11
AC: 16 HP:26

Proficiency: Int and WIs Save
Insight, Medicine, Nature, Perception, Survival
Herbalist Kit, Jewelers Tools

explorer’s pack, herbalists kit, wooden shield, leather armor, staff
2 swords from Brett the halfling, Green water breathing slime
Bag of holding, Potion of anti-aging, Healing potion


Originally from a small wood elf village, disaster struck his family after his father took a job from a man with fire tattooed around his left eye. His father was killed and his house were ransacked by other men with same tattoo, and they took back half of the powerful amulet they had given Nullai’s father. Nullai and his mother fled into the wood and sheltered with the druidic order of Chrace. Now he has ventured out, mostly to improve a damaged world, but also to find the other half of this amulet and take revenge on the group who killed his father.

Personality Traits: Serene in the face of disaster, Nature gives and takes.
Ideals: Greater good
Bonds: Entered seclusion to hide, must someday face his pursuers.
Flaws: Hidden bloodthirsty thoughts.

Nullai, Acolyte of Chrace

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