Found and Lost (Feywilds)

Not sure how to proceed, we sent Arnie out to scout. In the meantime, we released a dryad from another obelisk and directed her back to the kinder twilight when Arnie signaled Theo which direction the center was.

With better direction, we approached the center of the wasteland. From there, it was only a short trek to the site of the druid’s battle, as evidenced by a copse of the obelisks we had come to know too well. Some were shattered, and some had rotting limbs poking out, and one enormous obelisk even had what seemed to be a decayed wing protruding. We set about freeing their captives. Inside were some of the druids — Lassan, Krom, and Rissa — along with two paladins, Evam and a friend, and none other than Valanthe Caladil.

However, our reunion was interrupted by the whistle of crossbow bolts, striking Arnie from the sky. A group of drow approached us, and their leader introduced herself as my sister, come to take me back “home.” When I refused to accompany them, a battle erupted. We dispatched them with efficiency and the help of our new-found allies.

Their cleric, my “sister,” was left unconscious in her scalding armor, and Nullai, with his ever-present practicality, continued to burn her. Valanthe took issue with this and struck him, breaking his concentration on the spell. Worried, I stepped forward to stop them, but was filled with the need to stab at Valanthe, though why I am still unsure.

Zurgo quickly put an end to the quarrel by quickly putting an end to the drow cleric’s life. Valanthe was dissatisfied, but did not pursue the issue, which was a blessing, for not a moment later, three of the floating eye constructs appeared, causing chaos and confusion in our ranks. I was not strong enough to resist their enchantment, and in my trance, struck Valanthe to the ground.

Somehow we defeated the monsters, but the damage was done. No healing that either I nor the other paladins could do would revive her. Nearing the end of our strength, we departed from the Feywilds.

Upon our return, the druids thanked us and returned to their homes, taking Valanthe and her comrades with her in hopes to heal her. We returned to Le la Lune, and rested, though my dreams were fitful, strained from the shame of striking my idol.

We returned to the druids rested, who told us that Valanthe’s soul was either trapped or unwilling to return. It seems that, though I have found Valanthe, I must continue my search, though I do not know where to begin. In any case, House Kenlolth has plagued us long enough, and has grown to frightening power. It is time to put our feud to an end.

Caves to Fey

4th of Fathen:
- After days of fighting Duergar gaurds, we stop and take stock of our situation. We are miles below the sky and plants; we have hopefully done enough damage to make the Duergar want to fight the Drow; but we have little hope of bringing the Drow into the war as none of us have a chance of pretending to be Duergar. We decide to head to the surface.
- Ardulice’s sense of direction and time underground is impressive, she leads us slowly upwards. Theo uses his power over earth to clear any blocked passages.
- We are attacked by a group of earth elemental controlled by Drow. We kill the Drow, and find the earth elemental have left us a pleasant tunnel to follow for a while.

12th of Fathen:
- We finally reach the surface, though we find ourselves in cold and snowy mountains, a weeks journey from Dragonwake. While we are here, I suggest we search for Seagrid to see if he can fix my amulet.
- We walk up the mountain for a day, but the others are cold and tired, so we find a cave to sleep in, which Theo walls off.
- A great white beast, a yeti, attacked us in the night. Theo coolly shot a fireball into him, as the rest of us beat on the violent creature until it expired. I took its hide so one of my companions could better survive the cold.
- The next morning Zurgo and I took to the sky to search for the giant’s home, while Theo used his power to search up the pass. Our first find was a wyvern who killed Zurgo’s Eagle, however Zurgo quickly re-payed in kind the next time the minor dragon swooped to attack.
- On the second set of eagles Zurgo saw large buildings high on the mountain, and we landed to investigate. We find Seagrid, alone, and I ask him to repair the artifact, and if my friends can stay with him whil he works. He is unsure of the artifact, but agrees. We fly back to the group and continue up the mountain.

17th of Fathen:
- We reach the Storm Giant temples. Two look very worn down, but Seagrid greets us happily and invites us into the third and largest temple. Zurgo is excited by the large and beautiful armaments available. Ardulice and Theo each have questions for the giant, which he happily answers, and shows both his library. Most is in unintelligible Giant-tongue, but enough is in draconic or common for Theo to learn some spells. Theo would certainly know more if he just learned to read the signs from nature.
- Seagrid tells us that the rest of the storm giants left to try to fix the “shattering of the plane” and the “desturction of Sigil”. Apparently there are other realms like the fey wilds that are disconnected from our world… maybe I can summon bears made from spirits of the plane of fire!
- In exchange for gifts from seagrid, we spend two weeks repairing the temples. Well, mostly it was Theo and his sphere of dirt, but the rest of us helped.

3rd of Krantof
- Seagrid returns the amulet, and instructs me on its use. Everyone else receives gifts as well, then he allows us to quickly fly off the mountain. We spend a week traveling down the slopes, but eventually we reach Dane’s Fall.

10th of Krantof
- Felix decides he would like to stay in the town, we wish him good luck and safety.
- We meet with Brent, our sergeant. He pays us for our time, and informs us that the Duergar have not been an issue recently; it sounds like our mission was successfully! He also informs us that we have been summoned to the Korynth capital, we can take the military transports which can complete the long journey in a week.
- The transports, powered by magic, are surprisingly fast and comfortable. Ardu talks to some of the soldiers, it seems the empire is expanding and all is well.

17th of Krantof
- We arrive in the capital, which is a massive high walled city. It is very impressive, though they have cut down quite a forest to make this possible.
- We visit the council, of mostly humans, though there is a half-elf and a half-orc. The elf didn’t look like she was from Chrace, it makes me wonder if there are elves, or other druids, in this forest far from home.
- They ask us to look into a brewing rebellion in ???, the city where we heard Mazzini had ended up. They also say the Drow are now becoming a threat, and ask us to take out there ruling monarch, this task nicely aligns with our own goals.
- We use our checks to buy some diamonds for use with the amulet. Zurgo buys some armor in exchange for some of our magic weapons.
- Over lunch, we decide we will accept the job, but will go after the Drow first.
- later during our splendid lunch, Theo sends a message to Mazzini, urging him to wait until we arrive. He urges us to come immediately. Zurgo seems entranced by this offer, a trance neither my nor theo’s abilites can remove.
- We talk to the wizard who has been keeping track of us, and he removes the trance from Zurgo. We gain more information about the fey wilds, and how to contact him.
- Ardulice and I talk to some summoned fey, a satyr agrees to lead us through the fey wilds in exchange for maigc trinkets.
- The next day I get to use the tool my father died for, and we travel from a teleportation circle in the capital to the realm of the faeries.

Day 1, Faerie wild.
- We arrive in a dark muddy river, surrounded by dead trees, which immediately attack us.
- Zurgo takes on one Ent all by himself, while Theo burns the other. Ardu protects us all with her saving light.
- I summon our Satyr friend, who leads us to his home in a glade for us to rest. I release the summon, and he arrives in his true form shortly after.

The fey wilds are enticing everything is natural and untamed. Though this also makes it very dangerous. Though many thought the druids unorganized, everything was ordered and useful in its way. This place feels almost completely un-ordered, changing as if on a whim; I can barely follow the path, without Ardu and Karin, we should surely be lost. We will free Ardulice’s champion and find my druids, and then leave before we are drowned by the tangled mess of this world.

Day ?? - ??

This is the last time I leave the log with the drow, it seems like nothing has been written in here for weeks. Though I also may not keep it, it seems in my old entries I wrote as though the distance between Brinst’s Rest and Dunregan was but a day’s journey, which is a bit off. As such I have no idea how long we have been on this journey, all I can say is that it is now the third day the moon has risen in Fathen, though even that I am unsure of in these tunnels. Below is a short retelling of events since the last entry.

23rd of Thinel:
- We decide to set out on our war against the unnatural, Drow allined, vampiric, red-fringed lizardfolk.
- We meet some drow on the road, kill one and release one as our custom, but the wizard gets away.
- Fearing the wizard will bring Drow reinforcements, we rush to the lizardfolk village. With sundown approaching we attack the great house where the vampires sleep. Theo melts the roof with his new artifact, and with fire and lightning and cold steel we crush the unnatural monsters. I enter the town center to remind the lizardfolk not to ally with drow in the future.
- We return to Lelalune and tell Felix of our accomplishments, we wait a few days while Theo builds a wall around the town.
- We open two more chests we acquired from the unnatural beasts, finding a lot of gold and an infinite font of water, which Theo also kept. it seems he desires to control the elements as well as a druid, as if that were possible.
- We journey back to Brinst’s Rest to have a meeting now that we’ve done Argor’s bidding.

9th of Shenswa:
- After breakfast, Felix informs us that Argor has betrayed us to the Drow, apparently Ardulice’s mom would very much like us to stop killing her soldiers.
- A fight breaks out in the cafe. Zurgo runs off to fight some human, ends up coughing and sneezing and taking quite a while to deal with him… very odd for Zurgo. Ardulice and Felix fights Argor’s body guard, doing quite well, until both fall. Theo is paralyzed, but survives being stabbed long enough for me to free him, who knew humans were made of such stern stuff. I stood in the back and healed everyone, just in time for the drow cleric to disapear somewhere. Felix and Zurgo killed a couple drow Theo had captured.
- On Felix’s urging, we flee to Dunregan. We allow Felix to join us, seeing as he risked his life to save ours.

14th of Shenswa:
- Dunregan seems to have come into alliance with the Korynth Empire, apparently against the Duergar, former allies of the fire eyed cult. This new threat must be dealt with.
- Also importantly I get my commissioned new armor, which fits wonderfully, and a seed coated in the solidified saliva of a fey dragon, which I will plant in the center of the circle, should I ever find my fellow druids.
- We learn from the local Korynth commander that the Kua-Toa have been driven back by their forces, so Blip-De-Lip-Lip may no longer be as much of a threat, if it was a threat to begin with.
- Ardu drinks with some Korynth soldiers, I worry she is taking our commission from the Empire to close to heart. Drow hearts turn faster than the wings of hummingbird.
- We hurry on to Daine’s Fall to finally finish our mission from the Hobgoblin commander there.
- My father’s amulet is burning in my sleep, preventing me from fully resting. It hasn’t done that before, hopefully Sehanine is not angered by my actions; I will have to perform an herb ceremony at the next alter I find.
- On the road we are attacked by Dao, apparently here to collect Ardulice. We defeat them, though it seems Ardu’s mom is another issue that must be addressed immediately.

2nd of Fathen:
- We arrive in Daine’s Fall late at night, so we rest in an inn, I fear I am growing to look forward to a warm bed after weeks on the road, my brothers would be very disappointed.
- In the morning we talk to the Hobgoblin commander, informing him that the envoy never made it to Brent’s Rest, and that it was probably due to Drow meddling, which may or may not be true. He regrets that the empire cannot fight the Drow as the threat of the Duergar is too high. It seems to me that the obvious solution is to convince the Drow and Duergar to fight, and if we can get the Korynth empire involved and destroy all three? That would be a wish beyond the height of the great Kinra Tree
- We learn that Mazzini is leading the returners in the regional captial, and the captain urges us not to go to the capital, as the situation is quite volatile. He provides us with a caster who allows us to fly towards the Duergar cliff at an amazing speed, I can’t wait to get wings of my own.
- We descend the steep cliff on mountain goats, lead by the keen eye of Zurgo, and reach a ledge with Duergar.
- I talk to one, it seems they have broken their agreement with fire-eyes, killing most of them. I bribe one into allowing me to meet one they have in captivity, keeping my unmitigated joy hidden.
- This fire-eye master tells me he was the one ruining my sleep, to warn me that the Duergar are searching for my half of the amulet. They have their half at the heart of the forge, then he asks me to kill him, which I happily do, glad int he knowledge vengeance is served.
- We decide to kill two birds, and several Duergar, with one stone, and attack the forge pretending to be a Drow raiding party.
- Theo invisibly uses his water cannon to try and cool the forge enough to be moved, Zurgo with his speed and fire resistant armor tries to move the cooling ball of lava, but is thrown back by the steam, he kills a few Duergar while waiting for it to cool. I act in my emmy winning role as a force of giant spiders, the Drow’s preferred animals. Ardulice gets really into her character, surprisingly gleefully killing Duergar and shouting some nonsense in Undercommon. Felix, for his part, kills a couple Duergar with his Drow poisoned arrows.
- Eventually, through much steam burnt flesh, and Theo turning into a terrifying great ape, the amulet is removed from the forge. (Theo isn’t a better druid than me right? I can’t turn into a giant ape, but I can summon fey and control weather better than him, right? oh, uh, never mind, I’m sure i’ll learn how to be a giant ape soon)
- We escape the Duergar city, killing a few more guards, leaving behind evidence of Drow, and collecting Duergar weapons for the inverse operation that we shall embark on next, which, since none of us are even dwarfs, and every enemy may recognize Ardulice on sight, I’m sure will work just fine!

Day 19-20

-Ardulice and Zurgo lead the slaves off menacingly, but, once far away enough from the camp, undo their bonds and start to lead them to the safety of Le-la-lune. Theo and Arnie keep watch over the camp from the sky.
-Meanwhile, slinking off and turning into some sort of newt, Nullai scuttles off to try and retrieve the money.
-He climbs into a larger hut near the central bonfire. A cauldron simmers over the fire, and three iron chests line a stone altar. In an adjacent room are six long wooden boxes, not unlike coffins.
-Some guards come in and leave the gold on the floor. Nullai sheds his shape when they leave and starts collecting the gold. Midway through, he hears a sound outside and runs to hide behind the altar.
-One of the red-frilled lizardfolk enters and goes to the altar to pray. Nullai attempts to yank a chest away, but it proves too heavy for him. The shaman stands and sees Nullai, who summons crocodiles as a distraction. While the crocodiles chomp away at him, Nullai grabs one of the chests – this time light enough – and shoves it in his bag of holding. He then returns to a lizard-shape and scurries out and away. The shaman dissolves into a mist and soars through the ceiling.
-On his way out, Nullai sees the mist land and solidify into the shaman. He hisses something to his comrades and they take to the sky as bats. Nullai runs.
-The bats fly out from the town in search. Theo takes this as his cue to follow the one closest to Nullai and shoots it out of the sky with flame. The bat returns to his scaled form, and falls. Pierced through the chest by a wooden branch, he dissolves into ash.
-The party joins back up together and leads the slaves on horses – compliments of Nullai – back to the town.
-Halfway there, a search party catches up. Sending the slaves ahead, the group fends the lizardfolk off. They find that running water, stakes through the heart, and moonbeams (and Ardulice’s sword, too) prove particularly effective.
-They return to Le-la-lune and are hailed as heroes. Zurgo even gets to eat hare. Kelethin, a town leader, thanks them for their help. Felix also congratulates them and rides to Brent’s rest to inform Argor of the developments in the swamp.
-The next morning, the group heads out to the town border to try and open the chest Nullai acquired. After a little snafu with summoned dire crocodiles, they find a stone sphere inside, trapped with powerful earth magic. Theo offers to use this to build a stone wall around Le-la-lune, earning the party some potions and scrolls.
-Because it worked so well last time, the group decides that killing a swampful of reptilian monstrosities seems in order. (Perhaps not total annihilation, but the red-frilled ones are a start.)

Day 17-19:

Day 17 cont.
- I get the adventure log back from Theodocicles, he seems much more interested in Marith’s book. I’ll never understand why he needs to read books for all his knowledge, nature is far more telling.
- Zurgo and I go to Felix’s hideout shack, find a locked metal trap door, nothing a little heat and hammer can’t solve.
- We follow some tracks in a sewer to another trap door, find a spy barracks of some sort. They threaten me with crossbows, I threaten them Zurgo. We go back to the Drow hideout after paying for the broken trap door.
- Ardulice is complaining about dead drow; We remind her we killed two earlier today, and get a cramped nights rest at the hideout.

Day 18:
- Theo gives Marith his amulet of non-detection, so he can run from the drow. We argue about the fate of the lady drow, eventually bringing her to Argor Dellis thinking he could use her as a bargaining chip with the drow. He does not seem pleased, but takes her off our hands all the same.
- Felix leads us to ?; ? tells us that this is the most western town remaining, as the lizardfolk have scared or killed or people out of the forest.
- He also tells us the circle of the moon left on some pilgrimage, the town had sent letters to them for help, but no one had answered. I must look into this silence.
- After the disappointing news, I am happy to have a proper wood elf dinner at the inn. Zurgo is less pleased, but I doubt a day of good food will ruin his Orkish stomach.

Day 19:
- Felix stays in town to “coordinate efforts” with the wood elves, or spy on them.
- We wander into the swamp, finding a couple raided towns and reptilian tracks dragging bodies. Zurgo and I easily track them…
- into a Lizardfolk ambush. Most are easily dispatched with lightning, fire and steal, but one has incredible strength, with red firls and seemed to heal itself knocked out Zurgo before we could kill it. Its body disintegrated into a mist, which Theo destroyed with lightning.
- We follow the tracks to a lizardfolk settlement, where a feast is taking place. We decide to walk in the front door, where we are greeted by several red frilled Lizardfolk, not a fight we could win.
- They have a long discussion with Ardu in gross low-elven language, sometimes I forget it is a drow riding that fey. We are presented with 20 captives and Ardulice asks for money. I give her all I have, and it seems to be enough. We leave with the captives.
- I sneak off down an alley as we are leaving; I am very worried about the group that was actually coming to by the captives.

Day 17

Day 17:

-The party awakens to the absence of loud horns. Yoga happens.
- Breakfast is consumed. Ardulice confronts someone at breakfast who says he is watching the party.
-The party meets Argor Dellis, leader of the Merchant’s Guild. He informs them that multiple groups are keeping them udner watch, but that it’s just city politics for the most part.
- Party is dispatched to the northeast to meet with Felix and deal with lizardfolk.
-The party splits up for supplies; Ardulice overhears people up to no good in the neighborhood. She decides to stealthily knock on their door.
- Another chase through the city occurs; Ardu ends up in a pickle when she is zapped with lightning and accosted by a male drow. She ends up subdued. Her feyelk escapes.
- The sound and thunder draw the attention of the rest of the party, who take off in hot pursuit.
- Aided by her mount, the party discover a Leomund’s Tiny Hut, that they eventually dispel to find…nothing, because they didn’t spot the Rope Trick. Oops.
- Theo gets shivved out of nowhere, Zurgo gets dominated, and the ambush almost goes off without a hitch.
- Then it doesn’t. A hasted Zurgo chases away one while the party subdues the rest and learns…
- The drow were simply fleeing with their prisoner, a priestess of Lolth who would murder them if she was allowed to regain consciousness. Oh, and she’s related to Ardu, of course.
- The drow magic user, Marith, wisely offered up his spellbook in exchange for his life and freedom.

Day 14-16

Day 14 cont.
- Ardulice asks Brisha if she has heard of Kyle or Mazzini; he hasn’t. Ardulice considers going and looking for them, but decides against it.
- The group sleeps in the Two Serpents

Day 15:
- The party wakes to a very nice breakfast in the Two Serpents.
- They stroll to the barracks to sign up on another mission from Strateli.
- The group meets Estos, a human, who takes down their information and draws their picture. Satisfied, Strateli tells them the diplomatic envoy to Brinst’s Rest has not been heard from, so he wants the group to investigate.
- The group collects their first week stipend at the barrack treasury.
- They set off for the direct root to Dunregan, as they pass the gate, Nullai asks a gaurd if this which way the army is. Upon being told the army is on the road to Dunregan Ardulice runs off to “tell” a member of the Returners in the city.
- The group continues along the road and passes the army encampment without issue.
- Though they do see a halfling scout along a small road above the path, who runs off west.
- Zurgo expertly climbs the cliff and lifts the rest of the party onto the small path, the group continues along the smaller path, finding it intersects the road between Killibyr and Dunregan. They decide to continue to Dunregan.
- Luckily the guards recognize them, and allow them to enter the city.
- Nullai finds an armorsmith willing to make him dragon skin breastplate in exchange for the mithril armor. He leaves a platinum bar as collateral. The dwarf says the armor will be completed in 2 days.
- Ardu buys a lapis lazuli nucklace.
- The group stays at an inn near the south gate. Most go to bed, but Ardu stays up and and talks with a human, Steven, he is on a trade mission from Brinst’s Rest, and says their will be lots of work if the party venture there. He also mentions he has seen a drow before in Le La Lune, where it had been captured.
- The party sleep in the inn.

Day 16:
- They party eat grits and bacon for breakfast. They get horses and head toward Brinst’s Rest.
- They reach the city in under a day, and give the horses back to Bernard.
- The notice a hooded figure watching them from a alley. Zurgo chases after him, Nullai turns into a cat and follows him across roofs. Zergo also ventures onto the roofs, but gets his foot stuck in thatch then slips on a tiled roof, falls, cracking the roof and falling off.
- Ardulice is tracking the roof chase via the road, and when the hooded man jumps off the roof, she charges him trapping him in an alley.
- Theodocicles stays hidden behind a corner, but listens to the conversation. Zurgo blows by him and corners the hooded man.
- Ardu talks to him for a while, learning his name is Felix, but he pulls a powder out of his sack blinding her and annoying Zurgo.
- Felix runs past Ardulice, but Corrine stamps on him as he passes.
- Nullai continues to follow as a cat
- Zurgo chases him down, cuts him down, and hits him very hard. Ardulice cures her blindness and cuts off the other exit.
- Theo catches up and casts hold person. This finally gives Ardu a chance to tie him up. They proceed to learn he works Argor, the leader of the merchant guild, as a spy and assassin, and that Argor is holding one of the envoy from Koryynth hostage. He also agrees to set up a meeting with Argor.
- Ardu lets him go, but Nullai follows him in cat form back to a shack, where Nullai hears a door open.
- The party reconvenes at the Pride of Chrace inn, getting a single room so they can more easily keep watch.

Day 13-14

Day 13 cont.
- The party leaves the ruins to the sound of the treant redecorating, everyone riding elk through the swamp.
- The party break for lunch on the outskirts of the swamp, A wild wyvern appears!
- Despite giving Zurgo a good knock, the group quickly dispatches the old dragon-kin.
- Nullai, having done the least damage, takes the only prize from the fight, skinning the beast to hopefully make it into armor.
- The group continues, reaching Dainesfall a few hours after nightfall.
- The party notices a large number of refugees in the city. Ardulice starts handing out silver, which earns her a crowd. She then casts darkness and rides away.
- Zurgo goes to the barracks to collect the bounty for the Yuan-ti body parts. They give him a check for the amount promised.
- The group sleeps at the Two Serpents inn.

Day 14:
- The group has a wonderful breakfast in a private room at the inn and decide they are mostly interested in money and fighting the empire. They decide to try to work for the Korynth Empire to get money from them, and to find their army so they can help fight it.
- Theodocicles reads books all day.
- Ardulice goes to try to find Warder Lo to see if he has heard of Valanthe Caladil, and to get more information on the empire.
- She finds the little girl she gave money to before and ask her where Mr. Lo is. The girl, grudgingly obliges, leading Ardu to a cellar door behind a house.
- Someone from inside asks for a password, Ardu can’t produce one. A man sneaks up behind her, hitting her with a club and something sharp (and poisonous). Ardu shrugs it off, and turns to face her attacker.
- Due to the bright city sun, she can only flail her sword in his direction.
- The cellar door opens, Warder Lo and another armed man come out; Warder recognizes Ardu and invites her inside.
- Warder tells Ardu that he doesn’t know anything about Valathe, and that the empire is keeping close watch on their mercenaries. He also tells Ardu that he is part of the Returners, gives Ardu a pass phrase, and says if she can gather information on the Korynth troop movements that would be helpful.
- Ardu returns to the Two Snakes for lunch, and asks Brisha about the refugees. She says the refugees are from the east, where Korynth rule is worse and there is talk of humanoid fire demons harassing the populace.
- Nullai and Zurgo sell the groups gold and jewels in the market, and venture to a local armorsmith, who appears very busy. They show him the mithril armor, and he is very interested, but can’t give them a price until the next day after he’s talked to the commander who ordered all the armor his men are working on.
- The pair also talk to the sergeant (Trent on the day, but Strateli according to an old adventure log ) and ask about new work, he says he will get back to them tomorrow, but would also like some more information from them.
- Zurgo and Nullai also go to the local money changer, exchanging their check for 5 platinum bars and another, lesser check.
- Nullai brews a potion.

Day 12-13

Day 12 cont.
- The party tries to find a way out of the ziggurat, they poke and push on the stone with runes on it, but it doesn’t budge.
- Ardulice suggests putting blood on the runes; though Nullai scoffs at the idea, when Theodocicles tries it the door opens and the group leaves.
- Seeing no other entrances, the group heads back to the initial courtyard and south through a tunnel in the wall.
- The group finds a large opening in the cave leading to a larger pool. Zurgo sees something moving among the stalagmites, when Ardu moves dancing lights into the area a young black dragon spreads it’s wings.
- The party starts wailing on the dragon and it runs into the water. Nullai follows it into the water and brings up the dragons corpse.
- The party is now very exhausted, but after waiting a while Zurgo and Nullai(as a giant octopus) explore the area and find a magic sword and nice armor among the dragons victims. They also find a large treasure hoard.
- With their loot, they decide to go back to the ledge and sleep.

Day 13:
- The party wakes and ventures back through, passing by the large quarry cave this time.
- The tunnel ends at a large courtyard with two ziggurats, one has an alter at the top, the other has a large tree growing out of it.
- Zurgo and Nullai examine the alter, and find it has recent blood in it.
- Ardu and Theo examine the tree, and find it’s magical, but Theo doesn’t know much about magical trees.
- Ardu asks Nullai to look at the tree as well, but he is not helpful.
- Nullai and Zurgo begin climbing down the tree to examine the roots. The tree begins violently shacking and Nullai is thrown off.
- Nullai apologizes to the tree in sylvan as Zurgo jumps off. Nullai convinces the treant to move, which starts collapsing the ziggurat; a piece of which falls on Nullai.
- Everyone gets away from the collapsing Zigurat, the treant begins moving to the other ziggurat to destroy it.
- It starts collapsing, and 8 Yuanti appear out of the rubble, including two large abominations.
- Many attack the treant, but Zurgo and Ardu wade into the fray, Theo and Nullai drop spells on the enemy. Zurgo is frightened andruns away… again.
- The group, with a lot of help from the treant, defeat the Yuan-ti.
- Believing the have exterminated the Yuan-ti, the group decide to go back to dainsfall and collect their reward.

Day 12

Day 12:
- The party wakes on the ledge in a yuan-ti courtyard and decide to explore the ziggurat they discovered the previous night.
- Searching the outside, Ardulice discovers a distinctive stone block, set as a door in the ziggurat.
- Unable to open the door, Nullai, as a badger, digs under the stone, finding a brick wall, that seems like it can be pried open, Ardulice crawls in the whole and break the wall enough to crawl through.
- The party enter a circular room covered in moss and an odd floating dust.
- Ardulice tells the rest of the party that the moss is yellow and brown fungus, and while fire destroys one it strengthens the other.
- Moving carefully, the party find a cistern in the center of the room. Theodocicles recognizes a transportation circle at the bottom covered in water.
- As Theo investigates, Nullai tries to carefully burn some of the yellow moss, avoiding the brown. As he does so the dust erupts in flames. The brown mold grows thick over the floor.
- Very injured, the party flee up onto the stairs to main level, where Zurgo sees someone hiding behind a pillar.
- Zurgo charges the hiding creature, and is shot by many poison arrows.
- The party fight 8 human-like Yuan-ti, two of which try to free a monstrous writhing multi-headed snake, and are eaten by it.
- Nullai comes close to being eaten by the creature, but just in time, a fireball from Theo, and Zurgo and Ardu jumping into melee range defeated the monstrosity.
- The party, nearly spent from so much fighting, rest in the ziggurat.


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