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Day 1-3

Day 1:
- Ardulice and Zurgo sign on to protect a caravan traveling to Dunregan.
- They meet Mazzini, an Orator traveling with the caravan.
- The horses of a cart are tired and lag behind. Arudlice, Zurgo, and Mazzini stay back with the cart.
- Mazzini inspires the horses and they catch up with the caravan at a ford.
- The caravan is attacked by Kuo-toa , they are pushed back but one of the horses is killed.
- Zurgo pulls the cart in place of the dead horse.

Night 1:
- During the night, an old man is floundering in a pool near the river.
- The party protect the man, Content Not Found: theodocicles, from a giant toad, and he agrees to travel with them the next day.
- An odd totem is recovered from a dead Kuo-toa.

Day 2:
- The caravan reaches Dunregan.
- The wagon driver, Allen, pays the guards and gifts the travelers with tanglefoot bags, alchemists’ fire, and potions of healing.
- Mazzini and Theodocicles go to the library, find the totem is a holy symbol, and the Kua-toa may be trying to create gods.
- Ardulice and Zurgo go to a merchant to get paid for their service.
- Ardulice visits a temple where she inquires about the holy symbol she remembers from Valanthe.
- When the four reconvene, they are approached by a halfling named Brett, whose family has been kidnapped by the Kua-toa.
- The group heads to Brett’s hometown of Killibyr, and he provides them lodging for the night.

Day 3:
- Brett invites Nullai to join the group looking for his family.
- The party travels to a pool near a cave entrance.
- Brett, followed by Ardulice, Nullai, and Zurgo, wades into the pool, where the group is ambushed by Kua-toa and a giant crocodile; Brett turns on the others.
- The Kua-toa are repelled, Brett clutches his head as he is pulled into the water. A Giant Octopus kills Brett and swims away.
- Ardulice, trying to save Brett, exposes her arm to green slime floating on the pond. The slim absorbs into her skin; she can no longer breath air, but can breath underwater.

End of session: Party all at aforementioned pool, Ardulice under water; Mazzini, Nullai, and Zurgo standing in water; Theodocicles on shore. Big scary octopus and 1 half-dead fleeing Kua-toa in deeper water. Midday, day 3.

Day 3-4

Day 3 cont:
- Ardulice Lays hands on herself so she can breath.
- Nullai Entagles a cloaked goblin, who was spying on their battle.
- Mazzini befriends the goblin, named Storn; who agrees to lead them into the nearby mine.
- The group winds their way into the mine, arriving at a struggling goblin village.
- Storn introduces Grit, who leads the group down a great stairwell.
- Though the party attempts to sneak down, Nullai knocks a rock down the stairwell and spiders and stirges attack the party.
- Mazzini sleeps the stirges, who fall to their death; Zurgo and Content Not Found: theodocicles exterminate the spiders.
- When the stairs meet the water, the party finds a room filled with Kua-toa. The party kills most of them, but captures one.
- The group returns to the goblin village, and request to sleep there for the night.

Day 4:
- The party wakes up and interrogates the captive Kua-toa, Kwip.
- Kwip reveals that the Kua-toa are capturing people for Blideliplip, their god, who lives in the water home.
- Kwip also reveals that the Kua-toa use a magic green slime to allow their captives to breath underwater, and tries to throw the slime on the party when released.
- Kwip is slain, trying to escape.

End of season: Morning of day 4, all of party in a room in the goblin village.

Day 4-5

Day 4:
- The party bids farewell to the goblins, telling them to leave a ribbon near the cave entrance if they are ever in dire need.
- The party returns to Killibyr to alert the town to the danger of the water.
- The townsfolk a largely uninterested in the tall adventures, but they meet Jaymon in his bar, the Gilded Gauntlet.
- Jaymon, in exchange for a couple gold pieces, explains to the party that the town was already aware of the danger of the water, but the greater threat to the town at present is the worgs stealing people in the night.
- Jaymon offers 50gp a head for any worg heads the party collects.
- Searching for worgs, the party venture into the rocky wilderness, where Zurgo finds a blood trail leading up a cliff.
- The party climb the ledge, finding that the blood pattern leads into a tunnel, which goes down into dark mist.
- Fearing the dark dampness, the party sets an ambush for the worgs outside the cave.
- A Satyr is caught in the trap instead.
- The group slowly reveals themselves, and frees the Satyr, named Pytyyr. They also meet his sprite friend, Red.
- Soon a group of worgs and a humanoid wolf approach from the other side.
- The group, assisted by the fey, kill the worgs, and injure the Shapechanging humanoid before he flees into the cave.
- Pytyyr says that the worgs are causing a problem for the fey as well, as they are using their home as a shortcut, and have begun hunting there.
- Pytyyr also explains that the shape-changer is known as the Soul-Eater, and the leader of the worgs.
- Pytyyr leads the party into the tunnel, which soon becomes a misty forest, the Feywilds.
- The party are also introduced to Pytyyr and Red’s third companion, a nameless, sassy and not friendly Pixie, who tells the group to leave the Feywilds for their own safety.
- Pytyyr leads the group to another portal, that the Worgs seem to come from.
- Ardulice, Nullai, and Zurgo forgot the last encounter and how they got to the Feywilds.

Night 4:
- The Party attempt to camp near the portal on the material plane, but are attacked by a large group of worgs lead by the Soul-Eater.
- The attackers are killed after inflicting serious wounds on the party. Mazzini puts the Soul-Eater to sleep where he is finally dispatched.
- The group is hailed by a female halfling around the bend, and investigate.
- They find a goblin village with many goblins locked in cages, as they investigate they find the cage that held the woman open and the woman disappeared.
- They goblins explain the halfling was a shape-changer as well, with green skin in her natural form.
- The party rests in the goblin village for the night.

Day 5:
- The party find that the body of the Soul-Eater has been dragged back into the fey-wilds.
- The group also finds that one of the goblin huts has been turned into an alchemist workshop. There they find a potion of healing, potion of sharpness, and a cauldron of anti-ageing. In the trash outside they also find magic studded leather armor and a bag of holding.
- Content Not Found: theodocicles summons a horned owl familiar.
- One of the goblins leads the party back to to the river, and the group returns to Killibyr.

End of session: the party are paid for their worg heads and spend the day resting and training in Killibyr.

Day 6

Day 6:
- Party wakes in Killibyr after a day of resting and training.
- The town begins to shake, after the quake dies down the party hears screams a bit out from the village.
- The party races in the direction of the cacophony, finds there has been a cave in at a mine shaft.
- Mazzini and Theodocicles stay at the mine entrance to help the survivors.
- The rest of the group follow an old Gnome to where the shaft has caved in.
- They clear the path and continue down, finding a deranged halfling swinging his pike into a pile of his dead comrades.
- Zurgo kills the halfling revealing a ghost who possessed him. The group forces the ghost to flee into the wall.
- They carry the bodies out of the shaft, meeting a group of dwarves and the two who had stayed at the entrance.
- They decide to continue looking for more survivors back in the mine.
- The dwarves begin to dig into a section where they think the halflings may be trapped.
- [[:ardulice | Ardulice}] feels a draft coming from one of the exploratory offshoots, Nullai investigates and finds a tunnel leading into a large room.
- The party lowers a rope into the room and enters.
- Nullai investigates the pillar in the center of the room and everyone is set on fire from a rune on the pillar.
- The party follows halfling tracks into what appears to be a kobald crypt.
- They come across a pressure plate, which they set off with kobald corpses, and cross unharmed.
- The reach the end of the tracks, and find a hlafling scarred in the corner of a room with a single open coffin in the middle.
- The halfling flees the group and places a large ruby in the koffin.
- When Zurgo grabs the halfling, the ghost from earlier leaves his body and tries to possess Zurgo.
- The ghost fails, and instead possesses the corpse in the crypt, and attacks the party.
- Theodocicles raises the ruby out of the sarcophagus and drops it, shattering the ruby like glass and killing the ghost.
- The group finds many magic items in the tomb and on the corpse, and leads the halfling, Kurt, out of the crypt.
- As they are climbing the rope out of the crypt, a dwarf from the mine shaft cuts their rope.
- Mazzini lowers another rope to those stranded in the cave.
- The dwarf notices those in the small tunnel and a ghostly apparition of a kobald with wings leaves his body.
- The party battle the ghost, though Zurgo is frightened and flees again. Nullai and Theo are frightened as well, but join the fight to finish off the ghost.
- The dwarf is nearly killed by the ghost, but is saved. He tells him that all the other dwarves are dead, but they did find one halfling alive.
- The party, spent, head back to killibyr, though they ask some halflings to keep watch over the mine entrance.

End of session: The party is back in Killibyr for the rest of the day. They think there is one halfling left in the Crypt and have told the other halflings they will help with the haunting the next day.

Day 6-7

Day 6 cont.
- Party arrives in Killibyr after the being exhausted trying to save workers from the mine collapse.
- Theodocicles identifies the items taken from the Kobold crypt.
- Nullai goes to the small killibyr library, doesn’t find any books, but does find a gnome named Knibbleblink the Magnanimous, who tells Nullai not to venture into the crypt.
- Ardulice talks to Jaymon about the crypt, but gains little information, and he reacts shiftily when she mentions possession.

Day 7:
- The party wakes in the Gilded Gauntlet with guards at their doors, but they are not harassed, and meet for breakfast and divvy the loot.
- They return to the cave, where little has happened since they left.
- They find the crypt much like they left it, and though they yell out, ca’t find the missing halfling.
- Taking the hall they haven’t gone down yet. They find a secret door with a stairwell leading up to throne room.
- They awaken two gargoyles and Nullai is possessed by a ghost while he is in wild shaped as a rat.
- They destroy the two gargoyles and break the ruby which powered the ghost and retrieve some treasure from the throne room.
- They explore a large empty room with a massive descending staircase.
- The staircase is trapped, but at the bottom they find a giant skeleton of a dragon, also with a large ruby. Terrified of awakening the ghost of a dragon, they leave quickly and close a secret door, sealing the room.
- The last unexplored room is a large hall with many suits of armor.
- Their is a throne at the end of the hall, from which a ghost appears as the group approaches.
- The ghost demands the group leave all of their stolen goods in a pile and he will let them leave.
- Mazzini drops his stuff, but no one else does. At an opportune moment they charge forward and smash the ruby, dissipating the ghost.
- Mazzini is put to sleep by some hidden mage.
- Hearing running feet and thinking the ghosts voice reminded them of Knibbleblinks, the party charge out of the room chasing the footstep but find nothing.
- Ardulice, Theodocicles, and Zurgo examine the throne room, while the other two sit in the large room hoping to spot the mage.

End of session: Party in crypt, having explored all open visible rooms. They believe there may still be a halfling worker in the crypt, as well as Knibbleblink. They just finished a short rest.

Day 7-8

Day 7 cont.
- The party continues to search the crypt for the missing Halfling minner, but can’t find him.
- The party leaves the crypt to search the rest of the exploratory mine, they find another opening into a long stairwell.
- At the bottom of the stairwell their is a secret door leading to the rest of the explored crypt.
- At the top of the stairwell they find a scorched halfling body with a destroyed ruby around it
- Zurgo takes the body out of the mine. Having found all the dead miners and cleared the crypt of ghosts, to the groups knowledge, they tell the halflings waiting at the entrance that it is again safe to go inside.
- The return to Killibyr, and are told by a charmed Jaymon that he has allowed their friend Knibbleblink to leave them something in their rooms.
- The group returns to their rooms, finding them ransacked, and the cauldron of anti-aging missing.
- The group sleeps with the elves staying guard in the hallway.

Day 8:
- The party awakes and decides to follow Knibbleblink.
- As they leave, they talk to Alex, a halfling gaurd. He tells them he remembers a gnome leaving, but was unsure where he went.
- The group decide to go to Dunregan as this is likely where Knibbleblink would go to sell what he took from the crypt.
- As they are leaving a group of twenty Hobgoblins, Humans, Orcs, and Half-orcs in battle array approach the town.
- The troop ask for the leader of the town and Mazzini goes to get Jaymon.
- When Jaymon arrives, the Hobgoblin seargent of the 3rd general infantry, Brant, demands that the town join the Korynth Empire, offer a chest of gold for the town to begin building a barrack, giving them a day to respond.
- Jaymon asks the party to ask the Beineson clan of Dunregan for help. He tells them of an abandoned cliff path out of the city so they can leave undetected.
- The party meets an Earth elemental on the path and defeat it.
- The party reaches Dunregan, finding many corpses that appear to be from the same empire burning outside the gates.
- In the earth temple, the party asks Erril for assistance. She agrees to send a force under her niece Sheli, but demands the gold chest as payment.
- The group decides to search the market for Knibbleblink while the dwarf platoon musters.
- Ardulice finds a man in the market who points her to a gnome selling trinkets.
- The group finds the gnome, and Mazzini puts him to sleep. However, the group doesn’t find any artifacts or the cauldren in his bag or clothes. When they wake the gnome, they find he is Knibbleblink’s older brother, who stole his powers and his bag of holding.
- Ardulice buys a clock from him so he can get off the street for a night, and tells him to keep an eye out for his brother.
- The party goes to join the dwarves, but Sheli tells them they aren’t needed.
- They instead leave before the dwarves hoping to take the gold for themselves.
- Arnie the owl scouts the camp and finds the gold, so the group tries to sneak around the Korynth empire camp.
- As they are climbing a cliff on the far side of the camp, the dwarves reach the ground and the battle commences. The group catch a glimpse of two ogres the force had hidden up the path coming to join the battle, so the group rushes to join the fight.
- The group kills Brant and his lieutenant, and incapacitated both ogres, but not soon enough to save Sheli or most of her force.
- Mazzini hid the treasure chest and Theodocicles took some papers from the command tent and they both left to alert Kilibyr of the victory.
- The rest stay and finish off the Hobgoblins, The dwarf cleric says her group must return to Dunregan but asks that the people of Killibyr help clean up the bodies and leave the spoils of the enemy as payment.
- Zurgo finds Gauntlets of Ogre strength on the hobgoblin lieutenant.
- Nullai informs Jaymon of the clerics request.
- Ardulice helps with the cleanup. The rest drink to the fallen and go to sleep at the Gilded Gauntlet.

Day 9

Day 9:
- Nullai wakes early and re-buries the treasure chest.
- Mazzini leaves Ardulice a note that he is disappointed that the group would consider keeping the treasure, so he would go on his own way for now, but hoped their paths would cross again.
- The remaining four eventually meet near the Killibyr gaurd house.
- Before midday, they meet the contingent from the Beineson Clan and made a deal that the clan would help protect Killibyr in exchange for any claim the group had on the gold.
- The four leave Jaymon to discuss specifics and head up the winding path to Dragonwake hoping to find Knibbleblink and learn more about the Korynth Empire which they knew had taken some cities in the area.
- As dusk approaches, Ardulice hears a commotion down a side path.
- She finds a cave where a group of Duergar and weird humans are camping.
- One of the humans noticed Ardulice, and most of the group was called out of hiding; It seems that both groups would just pass each other.
- When Nullai moved up to see the group, he noticed a fiery tattoo around their eye, and he immediately attacked.
- The enemy were dispatched, but one human monk was kept alive after being incapacitated by Theodocicles’ joke.
- The group found their enemy had captured a Storm Giant. Ardulice freed him with great effort and learns his name is Sigrid.
- All five proceed to interrogate the monk, Blileaus. They learn that the Duergar and The Flaming Eye had teamed up to capture Sigrid so he could repair an artifact for them. They also learn the group was taking him to the far east of Dragonwake and down a steep cliff.
- Sigrid takes his leave, but suggests the group take shelter for the night, as their is going to be a storm.

Day 10

Day 10:
- The four party members wake in a cave half-way to Dragonwake
- They leave and decide to head towards the city of Dainsfall
- On the way, the party notices a camp breaking to the west, and as they pass, they hear Mazzini’s horn.
- The group heads over, finding the camp to be a group of human vagabonds.
- The group speaks of needing to sacrifice elders, when suddenly three Manticores appear in the sky.
- Hoenn, The human leader approaches them, and calls an elder to sacrifice. The party attacks and defeats the Manitcores before anyone is sacrificed, and they continue to Dainsfall once again, reunited with Mazzini.
- The two humans enter the town acting as scholars and head to the air temple to research.
- The three non-humans try to enter later as traders, but are denied entry and Trent, a hobgoblin sergeant, demands the gems and gold from the kobold crypt to allow them to enter.
- Theodocicles learns from the small library that the Korynth empire has been in the area for about 5 weeks, and came from the North east.
- Mazzini talks to some servants at the air temple, and finds that though the servants seem annoyed, the empire is not mistreating them.
- Nullai talks to a bartender at the Two Serpents inn and learns that the Korythians have killed some elders who apposed them and raised taxes, but have provided protection from roving bandits.
- Zurgo learns that Orgres and Snake people had been attacking the town before, but the empire has been holding them recently.
- Zurgo, learning the snake people are in the area, goes to the town barracks and makes a deal with Strateli, the Korythian commander, to kill snake people for a bounty. He learns they attack from the north east, and may hide near Lake Shearth.
- Ardulice heads into the slums, and catches a small orphan pickpocket.
- She interrogates the girl for information on the empire, but the girl knows little. She sends the girl off with a gold piece.
- A man in a side street laughs at her generosity. The half-elf, named Warder Lo, sells Ardulice information that their is little resistance in Dainsfall, but he has heard that The Returners in Sharmik have been putting up a fight, though they may be crushed by now.
- Nullai assassinates Trent, Ardulice collects the guards pouch while pretending to try to heal him.
- The party goes to the Two Serpents Inn to sleep, and meet Brisha, the half-elven owner.

Day 11

Day 11:
- The party wakes up in the Two Serpents in Dainesfall.
- At breakfast, they notice the absence of Nullai and the addition of Kyle, a three-quarterling Mazzini had been talking to the previous day.
- The party agree to let Kyle join the group, and they head outside to find Nullai in the square, being pensive under a tree.
- The group proceeds to leave the town, heading North.
- When they reach the north-gate, Zurgo presents his mercenary contract, The guards ask why there is now one extra, and the group says they picked up Kyle in town as a new trainee.
- When asked for his information, Kyle runs, and is shot at by the gaurds, but escapes down an alley.
- The group proceed north toward Lake Shearth.
- As they approach the lake, they hear sounds of battle coming from a thick forest.
- The group approaches cautiously, but find only a Satyr, playing the sounds of battle on his horn.
- Mazzini has an artistic discussion with him and orates for him.
- They satyr talks to the party, telling them this used to be a beautiful forest, part of the fey wild, but it was transported here, and all his friends are dead.
- Theodocicles and Mazzini are moved to tears by the story, Ardulice tries to pat him on the back, but her hand goes through him; she realizes he is a ghost.
- The satyr evaporates, and the group continues through the forest which they notice has a distinct lack of creatures, and eventually becomes a swamp.
- They venture into the swamp, and notice they are being followed by a large snake. The party attacks the snake which grows arms and calls the smaller snakes of the swamp to fight with him.
- After significant effort the party slays the abomination, most of the smaller snakes leave the area.
- Ardulice asks one of the remaining snakes, snake with brown spots, to lead them to any more limbed creatures in the swamp. The snake obliges.
- The group are lead into an ambush; they are surrounded and attacked by many more half-human half-snake creature. The kill three, but three others escape.
- Zurgo puts the heads of the three slain creatures on a rope to return to them to Strateli.
- The group rests briefly to recover a bit from the encounters before continuing into the swamp.


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