Chrace is a heavily wooded valley southwest of Dunregan. The river Golburn winds through the valley until it reaches the Chracemarsh.

The forest of Chrace is dense and teems with life. Near the sides of the valley, there are many caves and rock overhangs where creatures take shelter, and tunnels lead deep into the mountains. The tamer parts of the woods (near the river and road, which run side by side) are home to several villages and a couple of towns, where the peaceful denizens of the area band together for safety. Dangerous beasts and savage humanoids also carve their living from the wood.

Deep in the woods, the river splits into many branches; eventually, the forest becomes the Chracemarsh – a murky bog where thick mist and dense vegetation prevents even the midday sun from reaching the swamp below.

Brinst’s Rest is a primarily human town at the edge of the wood, where the Golburn river emerges from the mountains.

Lelalune is an elf settlement deeper within the woods.

Gnass is a lizardfolk village on the edge of the Chracemarsh. The lizardfolk there have trade and defense treaties with Brinst and Lelalune.


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