Day 10

Day 10:
- The four party members wake in a cave half-way to Dragonwake
- They leave and decide to head towards the city of Dainsfall
- On the way, the party notices a camp breaking to the west, and as they pass, they hear Mazzini’s horn.
- The group heads over, finding the camp to be a group of human vagabonds.
- The group speaks of needing to sacrifice elders, when suddenly three Manticores appear in the sky.
- Hoenn, The human leader approaches them, and calls an elder to sacrifice. The party attacks and defeats the Manitcores before anyone is sacrificed, and they continue to Dainsfall once again, reunited with Mazzini.
- The two humans enter the town acting as scholars and head to the air temple to research.
- The three non-humans try to enter later as traders, but are denied entry and Trent, a hobgoblin sergeant, demands the gems and gold from the kobold crypt to allow them to enter.
- Theodocicles learns from the small library that the Korynth empire has been in the area for about 5 weeks, and came from the North east.
- Mazzini talks to some servants at the air temple, and finds that though the servants seem annoyed, the empire is not mistreating them.
- Nullai talks to a bartender at the Two Serpents inn and learns that the Korythians have killed some elders who apposed them and raised taxes, but have provided protection from roving bandits.
- Zurgo learns that Orgres and Snake people had been attacking the town before, but the empire has been holding them recently.
- Zurgo, learning the snake people are in the area, goes to the town barracks and makes a deal with Strateli, the Korythian commander, to kill snake people for a bounty. He learns they attack from the north east, and may hide near Lake Shearth.
- Ardulice heads into the slums, and catches a small orphan pickpocket.
- She interrogates the girl for information on the empire, but the girl knows little. She sends the girl off with a gold piece.
- A man in a side street laughs at her generosity. The half-elf, named Warder Lo, sells Ardulice information that their is little resistance in Dainsfall, but he has heard that The Returners in Sharmik have been putting up a fight, though they may be crushed by now.
- Nullai assassinates Trent, Ardulice collects the guards pouch while pretending to try to heal him.
- The party goes to the Two Serpents Inn to sleep, and meet Brisha, the half-elven owner.


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