Caves to Fey

4th of Fathen:
- After days of fighting Duergar gaurds, we stop and take stock of our situation. We are miles below the sky and plants; we have hopefully done enough damage to make the Duergar want to fight the Drow; but we have little hope of bringing the Drow into the war as none of us have a chance of pretending to be Duergar. We decide to head to the surface.
- Ardulice’s sense of direction and time underground is impressive, she leads us slowly upwards. Theo uses his power over earth to clear any blocked passages.
- We are attacked by a group of earth elemental controlled by Drow. We kill the Drow, and find the earth elemental have left us a pleasant tunnel to follow for a while.

12th of Fathen:
- We finally reach the surface, though we find ourselves in cold and snowy mountains, a weeks journey from Dragonwake. While we are here, I suggest we search for Seagrid to see if he can fix my amulet.
- We walk up the mountain for a day, but the others are cold and tired, so we find a cave to sleep in, which Theo walls off.
- A great white beast, a yeti, attacked us in the night. Theo coolly shot a fireball into him, as the rest of us beat on the violent creature until it expired. I took its hide so one of my companions could better survive the cold.
- The next morning Zurgo and I took to the sky to search for the giant’s home, while Theo used his power to search up the pass. Our first find was a wyvern who killed Zurgo’s Eagle, however Zurgo quickly re-payed in kind the next time the minor dragon swooped to attack.
- On the second set of eagles Zurgo saw large buildings high on the mountain, and we landed to investigate. We find Seagrid, alone, and I ask him to repair the artifact, and if my friends can stay with him whil he works. He is unsure of the artifact, but agrees. We fly back to the group and continue up the mountain.

17th of Fathen:
- We reach the Storm Giant temples. Two look very worn down, but Seagrid greets us happily and invites us into the third and largest temple. Zurgo is excited by the large and beautiful armaments available. Ardulice and Theo each have questions for the giant, which he happily answers, and shows both his library. Most is in unintelligible Giant-tongue, but enough is in draconic or common for Theo to learn some spells. Theo would certainly know more if he just learned to read the signs from nature.
- Seagrid tells us that the rest of the storm giants left to try to fix the “shattering of the plane” and the “desturction of Sigil”. Apparently there are other realms like the fey wilds that are disconnected from our world… maybe I can summon bears made from spirits of the plane of fire!
- In exchange for gifts from seagrid, we spend two weeks repairing the temples. Well, mostly it was Theo and his sphere of dirt, but the rest of us helped.

3rd of Krantof
- Seagrid returns the amulet, and instructs me on its use. Everyone else receives gifts as well, then he allows us to quickly fly off the mountain. We spend a week traveling down the slopes, but eventually we reach Dane’s Fall.

10th of Krantof
- Felix decides he would like to stay in the town, we wish him good luck and safety.
- We meet with Brent, our sergeant. He pays us for our time, and informs us that the Duergar have not been an issue recently; it sounds like our mission was successfully! He also informs us that we have been summoned to the Korynth capital, we can take the military transports which can complete the long journey in a week.
- The transports, powered by magic, are surprisingly fast and comfortable. Ardu talks to some of the soldiers, it seems the empire is expanding and all is well.

17th of Krantof
- We arrive in the capital, which is a massive high walled city. It is very impressive, though they have cut down quite a forest to make this possible.
- We visit the council, of mostly humans, though there is a half-elf and a half-orc. The elf didn’t look like she was from Chrace, it makes me wonder if there are elves, or other druids, in this forest far from home.
- They ask us to look into a brewing rebellion in ???, the city where we heard Mazzini had ended up. They also say the Drow are now becoming a threat, and ask us to take out there ruling monarch, this task nicely aligns with our own goals.
- We use our checks to buy some diamonds for use with the amulet. Zurgo buys some armor in exchange for some of our magic weapons.
- Over lunch, we decide we will accept the job, but will go after the Drow first.
- later during our splendid lunch, Theo sends a message to Mazzini, urging him to wait until we arrive. He urges us to come immediately. Zurgo seems entranced by this offer, a trance neither my nor theo’s abilites can remove.
- We talk to the wizard who has been keeping track of us, and he removes the trance from Zurgo. We gain more information about the fey wilds, and how to contact him.
- Ardulice and I talk to some summoned fey, a satyr agrees to lead us through the fey wilds in exchange for maigc trinkets.
- The next day I get to use the tool my father died for, and we travel from a teleportation circle in the capital to the realm of the faeries.

Day 1, Faerie wild.
- We arrive in a dark muddy river, surrounded by dead trees, which immediately attack us.
- Zurgo takes on one Ent all by himself, while Theo burns the other. Ardu protects us all with her saving light.
- I summon our Satyr friend, who leads us to his home in a glade for us to rest. I release the summon, and he arrives in his true form shortly after.

The fey wilds are enticing everything is natural and untamed. Though this also makes it very dangerous. Though many thought the druids unorganized, everything was ordered and useful in its way. This place feels almost completely un-ordered, changing as if on a whim; I can barely follow the path, without Ardu and Karin, we should surely be lost. We will free Ardulice’s champion and find my druids, and then leave before we are drowned by the tangled mess of this world.


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