Day 17-19:

Day 17 cont.
- I get the adventure log back from Theodocicles, he seems much more interested in Marith’s book. I’ll never understand why he needs to read books for all his knowledge, nature is far more telling.
- Zurgo and I go to Felix’s hideout shack, find a locked metal trap door, nothing a little heat and hammer can’t solve.
- We follow some tracks in a sewer to another trap door, find a spy barracks of some sort. They threaten me with crossbows, I threaten them Zurgo. We go back to the Drow hideout after paying for the broken trap door.
- Ardulice is complaining about dead drow; We remind her we killed two earlier today, and get a cramped nights rest at the hideout.

Day 18:
- Theo gives Marith his amulet of non-detection, so he can run from the drow. We argue about the fate of the lady drow, eventually bringing her to Argor Dellis thinking he could use her as a bargaining chip with the drow. He does not seem pleased, but takes her off our hands all the same.
- Felix leads us to ?; ? tells us that this is the most western town remaining, as the lizardfolk have scared or killed or people out of the forest.
- He also tells us the circle of the moon left on some pilgrimage, the town had sent letters to them for help, but no one had answered. I must look into this silence.
- After the disappointing news, I am happy to have a proper wood elf dinner at the inn. Zurgo is less pleased, but I doubt a day of good food will ruin his Orkish stomach.

Day 19:
- Felix stays in town to “coordinate efforts” with the wood elves, or spy on them.
- We wander into the swamp, finding a couple raided towns and reptilian tracks dragging bodies. Zurgo and I easily track them…
- into a Lizardfolk ambush. Most are easily dispatched with lightning, fire and steal, but one has incredible strength, with red firls and seemed to heal itself knocked out Zurgo before we could kill it. Its body disintegrated into a mist, which Theo destroyed with lightning.
- We follow the tracks to a lizardfolk settlement, where a feast is taking place. We decide to walk in the front door, where we are greeted by several red frilled Lizardfolk, not a fight we could win.
- They have a long discussion with Ardu in gross low-elven language, sometimes I forget it is a drow riding that fey. We are presented with 20 captives and Ardulice asks for money. I give her all I have, and it seems to be enough. We leave with the captives.
- I sneak off down an alley as we are leaving; I am very worried about the group that was actually coming to by the captives.


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