Day 19-20

-Ardulice and Zurgo lead the slaves off menacingly, but, once far away enough from the camp, undo their bonds and start to lead them to the safety of Le-la-lune. Theo and Arnie keep watch over the camp from the sky.
-Meanwhile, slinking off and turning into some sort of newt, Nullai scuttles off to try and retrieve the money.
-He climbs into a larger hut near the central bonfire. A cauldron simmers over the fire, and three iron chests line a stone altar. In an adjacent room are six long wooden boxes, not unlike coffins.
-Some guards come in and leave the gold on the floor. Nullai sheds his shape when they leave and starts collecting the gold. Midway through, he hears a sound outside and runs to hide behind the altar.
-One of the red-frilled lizardfolk enters and goes to the altar to pray. Nullai attempts to yank a chest away, but it proves too heavy for him. The shaman stands and sees Nullai, who summons crocodiles as a distraction. While the crocodiles chomp away at him, Nullai grabs one of the chests – this time light enough – and shoves it in his bag of holding. He then returns to a lizard-shape and scurries out and away. The shaman dissolves into a mist and soars through the ceiling.
-On his way out, Nullai sees the mist land and solidify into the shaman. He hisses something to his comrades and they take to the sky as bats. Nullai runs.
-The bats fly out from the town in search. Theo takes this as his cue to follow the one closest to Nullai and shoots it out of the sky with flame. The bat returns to his scaled form, and falls. Pierced through the chest by a wooden branch, he dissolves into ash.
-The party joins back up together and leads the slaves on horses – compliments of Nullai – back to the town.
-Halfway there, a search party catches up. Sending the slaves ahead, the group fends the lizardfolk off. They find that running water, stakes through the heart, and moonbeams (and Ardulice’s sword, too) prove particularly effective.
-They return to Le-la-lune and are hailed as heroes. Zurgo even gets to eat hare. Kelethin, a town leader, thanks them for their help. Felix also congratulates them and rides to Brent’s rest to inform Argor of the developments in the swamp.
-The next morning, the group heads out to the town border to try and open the chest Nullai acquired. After a little snafu with summoned dire crocodiles, they find a stone sphere inside, trapped with powerful earth magic. Theo offers to use this to build a stone wall around Le-la-lune, earning the party some potions and scrolls.
-Because it worked so well last time, the group decides that killing a swampful of reptilian monstrosities seems in order. (Perhaps not total annihilation, but the red-frilled ones are a start.)


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