Found and Lost (Feywilds)

Not sure how to proceed, we sent Arnie out to scout. In the meantime, we released a dryad from another obelisk and directed her back to the kinder twilight when Arnie signaled Theo which direction the center was.

With better direction, we approached the center of the wasteland. From there, it was only a short trek to the site of the druid’s battle, as evidenced by a copse of the obelisks we had come to know too well. Some were shattered, and some had rotting limbs poking out, and one enormous obelisk even had what seemed to be a decayed wing protruding. We set about freeing their captives. Inside were some of the druids — Lassan, Krom, and Rissa — along with two paladins, Evam and a friend, and none other than Valanthe Caladil.

However, our reunion was interrupted by the whistle of crossbow bolts, striking Arnie from the sky. A group of drow approached us, and their leader introduced herself as my sister, come to take me back “home.” When I refused to accompany them, a battle erupted. We dispatched them with efficiency and the help of our new-found allies.

Their cleric, my “sister,” was left unconscious in her scalding armor, and Nullai, with his ever-present practicality, continued to burn her. Valanthe took issue with this and struck him, breaking his concentration on the spell. Worried, I stepped forward to stop them, but was filled with the need to stab at Valanthe, though why I am still unsure.

Zurgo quickly put an end to the quarrel by quickly putting an end to the drow cleric’s life. Valanthe was dissatisfied, but did not pursue the issue, which was a blessing, for not a moment later, three of the floating eye constructs appeared, causing chaos and confusion in our ranks. I was not strong enough to resist their enchantment, and in my trance, struck Valanthe to the ground.

Somehow we defeated the monsters, but the damage was done. No healing that either I nor the other paladins could do would revive her. Nearing the end of our strength, we departed from the Feywilds.

Upon our return, the druids thanked us and returned to their homes, taking Valanthe and her comrades with her in hopes to heal her. We returned to Le la Lune, and rested, though my dreams were fitful, strained from the shame of striking my idol.

We returned to the druids rested, who told us that Valanthe’s soul was either trapped or unwilling to return. It seems that, though I have found Valanthe, I must continue my search, though I do not know where to begin. In any case, House Kenlolth has plagued us long enough, and has grown to frightening power. It is time to put our feud to an end.


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